Gong Hei Fatt Choy: Rawr! - Day (-1)

I think my stomach is going to rip my clothes off cleanly along the belly line -__-

I think jumbo servings of food, ought to summarize my Chinese New Year so far ;) Every night confirm feel bloated and difficulty in breathing cos all the food are stacked and stuffed up to the throat.

I've also captured close to 400 shots since the day before CNY till the 2nd, so I think it will be wisest to separate the posts, don't want to overwork myself on this supposedly long and relaxing holiday ;) Took me quite some time to edit each pictures and resize them zzz....

And my goodness, the HEAT !! Jeez.... it's almost like staying in an oven. You practically feel the damned heat wave whenever you just put a toe out the doorway. It's that ridiculous. Extremely hot days are synonymous to Chinese New Year and it's always true. No rain for at least 3-4 days.

Just edited a few selected photos (if you call over 100 photos few), so I am pleased to say I've got a lorry full of photos ;)

Pre-CNY Day
'Sa chap meh', literally 30th night is the night before the first day of the Lunar Calendar, also the time when the whole family comes together and feast on a reunion dinner.

Was up pretty early, had a simple breakfast (Papa made me oat + walnuts + raisins) for breakkie then afterwards headed over to Ah Ma's place for lunch. Just had some stuff leftover from the night before with probably an addition or two dishes. The heat was really unbearable, we had the front wooden door closed and hid in the comfort of some shade with the humidifier (or whatever cooling machine that shoots out water vapor is called) on.

Couple hours of nap later had me and Su En (or rather myself more) helping out with the preps for the dinner.

Grandma's limousine ;)

Steamboat pot out!

Sexy Granny

Looked like I was pooping kekeke. Cleaning and sorting out this netted steamboat ingredient.

Pickles' favorite place in the world, almost like her Disneyland

Su Jen later called ...

Su En being extremely helpful with the preps.


Respect to the elders is a must before CNY!

More flowers in Ah Ma's garden.

A quick trip back home, showered and changed, waited for the rest of the family, then made a beeline back to Ah Ma's place. Couldn't get bigass pack of ice cubes! Cham cham... had to depend on chilled can drinks now.

Party's already started!

Yummy broth, yumz everything inside.

Made more yumz with
My absolute favorite chili padi *melt. I only love this type, small light-ish green. More spice I feel.

Sa Yi was being a tad adventurous and wanted to have a little BBQ on the side. But most of us were rather tired and apprehensive about having to deal with more work, stress and mess. I just buat tak tau hehe, while Boy was forced into helping to fix the stove up.

CNY Bounty

Fave shot of Ah Ma's horned orchid in the garden.

I wonder if I've blogged about my cousin sister Sean's wedding? Her wedding was in Dec 2008 and she has already delivered a very button cute baby girl, Isabel!

Ji Yi said little Isabel has very deep blue eyes. When she was just born, she has very dominating Asian look, chinky eyes, and yellow-ish Asian skin tone, but looking through the photos again, macam turning ang moh lor!

Damn sad la, now my only CNY gambling kaki is this blob of fat...


First I won a couple of times, then he won a few times, then I won back my money, then he got back his, then last skali I won about RM10? -__-

Afterwards, Ping CC had her laptop on and connected to Sean CC, live from Spain! Angel and Baby were there too lol.

Yo, Ah Ma in da house, y'all.

As usual Boy hogging up the whole picture.

Chak! ;)
Poor Piku hiding under the table. Terribly scared of the loud fireworks. Darn irritating lor those noisy ones.... Noisy already nvm, not pretty at all.

Wine from Valencia. Love the white wine, the other one is rose wine, but the taste is a bit too dry or somewhat. Not a wine xpert but I sure didn't enjoy it lah.

Drink ang moh wine the Chinese way! ;)


Mom demonstrates her Qi Gong hehehe.... Everywhere she goes also sure must demo wan... at Ah Ma's place, our house...etc... Wonder if she gets commission for each person signing up for the course hehehhe.

Piku manja-ing on my front.

And the last picture of the post!

Sar Yi's bday is on the day before CNY, so we had a cute teddy bear Valentine's Bday cake for her lol.

Okies, First Day of the Lunar Calendar up next! ;)


  1. Waaaa Ah Ma went hi-tech with the headphone and mic to cam kekeke Isabel so cute har muka bulat bulat like me (you know because Sean chi chi and me look alike ;) I still think she's got more dominating Asian look/features. But hard to say lah babies change a lot during first couple years. Even eye colors can change.
    I mizz steamboat lar, haven't had it for the longest time. What type of broth usually use? Maybe I use my rice cooker to do steamboat kakka
    I like the picture mommie drinking wine with bowl kakaka
    Sar Ee looks so cute with her jammies :D

  2. Haihz muka bulat only mar that's normal with babies kakaka. Sean CC will probably be visiting end of this year, then we'll see how she turns out hehehe

    I think broth from pork bones loh mostly. then after you added in all the other ingredients, they will flavor the broth already. Oh, also remember to add the deep fried garlic oil. Yum!

    East meets West... drinking ang moh wine with ceramic bowl. ishq.


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