Gong Hei Fatt Choy:Rawr! - Meeting up Friends

The one time of the year when all my schoolmates, classmates are gathered in the small town of SP.

Ok, I shouldn't have said small town anymore. There were SOOO many cars around Lagenda Heights area it is scary! Took me close to 15-20 minutes just to go around a block and find parking. Even then also I was unsuccessful and parked 200m away from the intended block.

Met up with my ex- Pre-U classmates back in Khir Johari first.

@ Autum.

My good friend Li Chin. Very nice person and the closest to me throughout my Form6 studies.

L-R Sher Ting, Yih Shian and Soon Loong. Sher Ting has been looking pretty much the same since our school days lol. Her baby face tak ubah 1 inch langsung.

ROFL. Mom commented that the girls all sui sui but then how come the guys all macam beh khi? hehehehhe.... I think most guys studying Physics is itu macam lah.

With Shing Ling. Her transformation is geng! Used to be pretty tomboy-ish character and always in T-shirts and shorts.

Then ran off to bites (cafe opened by Yee Nee, Convent senior, Su En's batch) to meet up with my longest (?) friends.

Everyone's looking good ;)
Only Sue Wern I haven't seen for the longest time. The others still meet every now and then in KL.

Had an older batch of Conventians next to our table hehe... Kavitta (top left in blue) used to be our Ketua Pengawas.

Then who else do we meet right after? Only natural to bump into our batch's very own Head Prefect Loo Jamaine lol.

Hardly recognize her! Also because it's been a long time since then.... Hahahhaa.. and Tze Imm was laughing her head off when she saw her so we took that as a sign of pleasure upon meeting her again.

Loo Jamaine, please return our liquid papers to us.



  1. Agree with mom: yea lah for some reason M'sian ta pos tarak standard kekeke

  2. Hahaha some okie lah but in general I find the Chinese-ed ones are less open minded and not as gentlemanly


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