Gong Hei Fatt Choy: Rawr! - The Place called Home

Probably the most presentable time of the entire year, scrubbed from top to bottom till raw.

Plants outside the garden.

Baby Noni tree.

The place I call home.
What's that down yonder?


Pickles' favorite place to doze. On the carpet that is until Mom shoos her off or Papa growls :p

Won't ever get bored of this shade of blue.

Where yummy food and happy contented family co-exist.



  1. The house looks really different from what I last remembered. The kitchen is totally transformed, what happened to the rectangular picnic table and the benches? The blue color on wall beside piano is 100x better than the green color!!
    The red palms outside grew so tall and big! Mom still put the special juice to feed the plants ar? hehe Papa planted a lot of different stuff outside the house? You didn't take a picture of landscape standing from the gate?
    The TV looks quite big har I see some furniture from Ee Po's, also the car parked outside house is Ee Po's too right? Take pictures of all the other rooms also lah ;)

  2. Yeah, looks very much improved right. But the exterior of the house still pretty much the same, jungly as ever hehehe.

    I don't know what happened to the picnic table, but the round one is the one from Ee Poh, after she moved out. Much more solid and we have ceramic stools too. But I didn't take pictures of that hehehe.

    Dunno got special juice or not ah, But I think that's pretty much the most the red palms can grow because the area is limited by the cement surrounding the plants. Most of the stuff Mom planted and Papa helped to maintain. The flowers are mostly the ones outside (noni plants and yellow flowers)

    Yea the car Bluebird is Ee Poh, Dad bought from them and we sold off our 9227 Toyota hehehe.

    If I remember then next time I take pictures of the room lah.


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