Gong Hei Fatt Choy: Rawr! - Day 2

It is well-known that I am a healthy person so to further stress on that, I shall post pictures that
I even exercised during the CNY period.

Jogged ~ 5 rounds or so. What's that bottle?

Gasp... some horny man drinking some libido-charging liqour? Outside my house?!

Mom siap put out a sign to scare off horny men. Or dirt-y men. Geddit? Ok lame -__-

For some reason I like this shot.

@ Ah Ma's !
Which do you prefer?

Then we dined in Bali!

Okla, Bali not.It's this new restaurant pretty close to Ah Ma's place. Balinese style decor, quaint little lake complete with the circular thingy that scoops water out and rotates, spills out forgot what's it called -__-

Precious ones in tow

Oozing with sweetness :D

Min CC's top sooo cute! Hao lian-ed from Marc Jacobs.

Su En bought the dress for me! 3 of us were wearing the same sort of dresses with different designs. I liked Su En's best :)

Pu Er Cha that Mom & Dad boiled for 7 hours. 7 hours k. Supposed to be damn geng and I am told to stress that it's 7 hours ok.

The table is darn huge, carved from a whole log of wood. But spaces were limited and as I was going around taking pictures, I could only find this pathetic little space T-T

Neh, the rotating scoop water thing.

Wood everywhere
The restaurant typically serve Thai food, but as it is a busy season during the CNY, so there is only one option, the CNY package and no ala carte orders are entertained.

Appetizer!Otak in the middle, kerabu, and assorted cold stuff on the sides.
Sharks fin soup T-T
I think this is the salted egg prawns
I had my first taste of tuak/toddy that night!
Tuak is the result of young coconut with sugar and what not fermented.
Veg dish
Grilled pigeons
Aunts called them 'chiao kia' rofl.This is very yumz.

Fish floss kerabu.

Assam fishThe experts (cooks and housewives I mean) reviewed that this is no good. Not sour enough and not spicy enough. Ah Ma makes better assam fish.

Whole bottle of toddy. Btw, when the first bottle of todi was delivered to us, the taste was horribly sour! Like something gone bad.

Suspecting that we were given less than fresh toddy stock, we called the kelena who sells them (and climbs up the coconut trees) to exchange. He complied and brought us a fresh bottle.

The taste is much better, sweet! It's no wonder that one can easily get drunk drinking these. The drink is so refreshing that you wouldn't think twice filling your cup after another.

Smokers club.

Family photo!
But too bad Su Jen is not around :(

Anyway females rule in the family kekekke.

Last main to be served. Yam fried rice.

Then we lou!
Ice cream for dessert -_-
This is the Ko Cha Bi batch, 6 different flavours. Since I took the pictures, so I was the nearest one to snatch the flavor of my choice hehe. Took the red bean mia;)

Boy chia.... not!Young 'uns leading Ah Ma.

Kesi kesi read newspapers.

Mom leading the group in family K-session! Hehe.More wine

Ian Kor's cute socks! It's like he put those socks on, kemek-ed a couple of gingerbread men.

Mom vs Daughter

Ah Ma's jade and mine :D

Thank God it's the end of the post... Finally a group photo!

Next post I think will be on the house :D


  1. waaaa syok@Bali, mom dok say how nice it was etc, etc. Very sad could not join, so this year only me and Sean chi chi MIA?
    Last pic - All the men must make room for all the women so they have to stand in the back haha
    Mommie wear sleeveless har, this is a first hehe ishq, neverending with the karaoke + qigong kakaka
    How come I don't have jade har?
    Ah ma looks so thin but still cute :D
    Everyone else looks good also :)
    Oh, your picture of the food cover, I like B&W one.

  2. Yea only both of you loh I think.
    Last pic- kakaka... like I said the women rule hehehe... Loud voices pulak too and mostly ada big assets ;)
    Quite nice ah Mom wear sleeveless. Initially don wan, said don't dare la this and that, then eh tiba tiba come to dinner dah pakai already.
    Ah Ma really sudah lost weight. I like her eating ice-cream pictures hehehe
    U tarak jade ma go buy from Chinatown loh ;)
    Apasal the coloured food cover not nice? too much contrast ah

  3. Big assets lah then only confirm from Ah Ma's side. Tarak big asset then from other people's side kakaka
    Haihz mommie always dowan dowan then change mind last minute...
    Who bought the jade for you ar!?
    I like B&W mer, maybe you can everything else B&W then the cover only in color? :D

  4. Hehe.... Tua ee gave me the jade bracelet. I think because it's too small for her also kot but I like it anyways ;)


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