Seizing the Sumptuous (The) Ship

Was back in Penang after just a week of the CNY break. It's more of a case of not having a choice since that particular weekend would be celebrating Evan's belated birthday and also TY's incoming birthday lol.

Lucky thing it was a 3-day weekend, so at least I'm not spending such a short time in Penang and then I'm on my way back again. But then this time around I wouldn't be able to go back to SP because TY got involved in an accident on his way back to Penang from KL, so the car is about to undergo an operation (possibly more), both functional and cosmetic. Boh huat lor, but then again, I was just back home a week ago, so I guess it's alright lah :p

Ze Kapal!

Our group in Soon Jiun's car (consisting of Elaine, Ruo-Wen, SJ himself, TY and myself) showed up fashionably late at the restaurant. Whereas the others, Evan, Zi Xiang, Chin Teng, Pei En and Kenneth were already there, like close to an hour before us. We can only place the blame on the person who dilly-dallies the most, tidor at the wrongest time, aka Mr CTY (some more had the guts to let the others accuse me of making him late wor! Then he diam-diam over there).

Anyways, we buka-ed two bottles of wine, one red and one white. I had the white one to go with my huuuge lobster ;) Freaking huuuge lobster burnt a huuuge hole in my pocket ;(

You might remember an earlier visit to The Ship, but this time we ordered some completely different salad and soup to whet the appetite.

THE SHIP's Salad
Freshly selected lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, dressed with turkey ham, boiled egg and croutons, sprinkle with parmesan cheese, served with Thousand Island sauce or French dressing

I didn't know why I ordered this one, it's completely boring, nothing special and would turn out to be too much at the end of the meal but the absence of salad just doesn't seem right for me... Nge-nge have to order.

U.S. Seafood Chowder
Improved version of the original "BIG CATCH" recipe

I've tried the seafood chowder in Victoria Station and I must say that The Ship's a bit of a disappointment... the one in VS is sooo creamy, every bite filled with the wonders of the sea T-T. The Ship one is not bad lar, but the seafood they have in the soup is a bit crudely cut, whole chunks of fish/cuttlefish just doesn't do it for me. Now, the ones at VS are just right, bite-sized... and did I mention creamy? Oh I did T-T. Also, when I sinked my teeth into the soup's fish chunks, a fishy smell, almost 'chau cho' filled my nostrils... really kills the taste -_-

And presenting the pocket burner!

Lobster Thermidor
Baked in white mushroom, bechamel wine sauce and cheese, served with baked potato and a bowl of salad

First time that I finally get to feast on a lobster in a nice restaurant. Was initially supposed to be belanja-ed by Su Jen at Red Lobster in LA but that time we were running out of time getting Coach bags so tak jadi T-T. There are only 2 ways that lobster is served at The Ship, grilled lobster and Thermidor.

I think Thermidor Lobster is just the same as grilled lobster, with the addition of cheese. Lobsters need cheese to be complete right ;) Ahem.... this 1kg crustacean sea creature is heaven sent! Haihz.... salivating at the thought. The meat is oh so tender, dipped in the melted cheese...mmmm.... oh but one thing is that, the lobster also emit the chau-cho bi, but as soon as you sink your teeth in it, everything is lovely. I suppose the cheese must have done a good job in masking the unpleasantries. TY said western stuff is liddat wan wor. But it can't be not fresh, because the waiter caught the lobsters out and showed us while it was still alive and kicking, to see if we're fine with them.

Obligatory photo with unsuspecting creature.

RM23 per 100 grams. You do the math.

Liked how this picture turned out.

TY got the steak.

I think this would be the first and the last time I would ever order a lobster.
#1 - I am not a seafood person
#2 - I am a meat person. Steak would satisfy me. After the huge lobster dinner, I was hungry 4 hours later.


Charbroiled Rib Eye Steak
A tender and succulent steak served with prime vegetables, corn on cob, baked potato and a bowl of salad
Salivating at the thought... oh well, there's always another time, but that other time definitely won't be that soon... extremely pokai d lol.

Cacat Fler.

Witness me tackling the lobster single-handedly. (okla, got some help from around the table too...)

Strangely reminds me of a roach's bottom.

TY's bday gift.

I think he gets these like close to every year..... Like not enough underwear liddat.

Also managed a group photo :) which turns out not bad.

Headed over to Coffee Island after dinner to catch up. Kenneth was terrorized by us at the back for his 'good connections' with USM professors aka pembodek hehehe.

Here you see him trying to pinch us at the back after getting a heavy dose of teasing... and since he has got nothing to retaliate, he uses the tried and tested brute force, that damn barbaric fatty. Thank goodness Evan has a lot of practise with snakes, held him off till we got off safely at Coffee Island.
I think it has been a bit more of a habit now that I'm working in KL, to sleep early, latest by 12am, but I try to make it to bed between 10-11pm. This could probably kill my social life in the weekends lol. Start yawning around 11... jeez. People also just baru only wanna enter club I already yawn.

Okies, I'll just end the post with the drinks for the night (non-alcoholic though)

Winner of all the drinks goes to the least unexpected.... peanut butter milkshake (which many were reluctant to order due to its, urm, geng-ness.

My karot milk :D

Viet coffee. Tastes ok, think I tried the one in Tropicana City and that was superb... kao kao.

Fatty good stuff. Peanut butter milkshake ;)

Okla, it's already 5:30am and I'm still so enthu wanna blog. Catch a few zzzs. Nite everyone.


  1. Quite expensive also har for a 2¼ lbs lobster but not bad lah get to taste Maine lobster, very sweet compared to tropical ones. Uh, not sure why eat with cheese? It's usually best with melted butter...

  2. Maine lobster? Not sure about that but I think it's either farmed but most probably local. With cheese also not bad loh, never tried with melted butter before but I guess both would taste pretty rich ;)


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